Quba Islamic Center

Introduction: Quba Islamic Center is established in 2014 to serve the Muslim community in the area and is located in Nechells neighborhood.
Quba Islamic center has facility rooms to perform prayers and for holding various activities that concern the community. Moreover, Quba Center provides Quranic education and Islamic studies both in Arabic and English language to all segments in the community regardless of their gender and age.

Our vision:
To bring all the community in an Islamic environment and to spread the right message of Islam.

Our mission:

  1. To create safe environment for Moslem youth and community.
  2. To preserve Islamic identity.


  1. Create a conscious, tolerant and active Muslim generation in the community.
  2. Spreading Islamic culture based on moderation according to the Quran and the Sunah by qualified Muslim scholars.

3. To deliver different awareness programs in coordination with the local                authorities in order to create a secure environment, plurality and        coexistence.


  1. Daily prayers and Friday prayer.
  2. Rings of memorizing the Quran for men and women of all ages and Arabic language
  3. Weekly Islamic lecture in English especially for youth.
  4. Monthly lectures and seminars in Arabic, English and Somali language.
  5. Organizing seasonal activities during school holidays.
  6. Activities during the month of Ramadan and ‘Eid.
  7. Introduce Islam to non-Muslims.
  8. Coordination and cooperation with all Islamic organizations in Birmingham.
  9. Hosting scholars and professionals to educate parents on subjects that matters family issues.